Me siento segurooOoOoooOOoo

Bueno parece ser que ya iba siendo p**a hora de hacer otra entrada en my muthafuckin’ blog, so i’m gonna do that, this ain’t bullshit… Have you realised that women that are soooo hot, are sooo sweet too? 🙂 C’mon baby, make my heart warm, you know me, i’m not only good clothes and money… I could be your great one… But not only for once, unless you want me for life, even thought you wanna go slow… I can wait, and I keep you on mind… 24/7 – 365, you know?
I just want to take the globe in my hole hand, and wanna make so with you… Just like that song… Baby i don’t wanna argue… don’t even want to fight… I just want to love you… And hold you… all the night

Tha world is trying to make us go against tha wheel… but we can have our wheel, or just make and build our one. Don’t forget that, I won’t forget you. From Venice to Spain and from Spain to LA, my feelings have that size.