Entrevista Exclusiva a DAVID PERRY (Shiny)


Hoy os ofrezco un post especial que seguro que sabéis apreciar.
Una de las estrellas del panorama de los videojuegos es el genial DAVID PERRY, director de SHINY y autor de juegos como SACRIFICE, MDK, MESSIAH, ENTER THE MATRIX, los inolvidables EARTH WORM JIM o los clásicos de Spectrum SAVAGE, EXTREME, STAINLESS STEEL o 3 WEEKS IN PARADISE.

Con motivo de este último juego pude hacerle en 1.999 una entrevista al mismísimo David Perry que os transcribo en inglés a continuación. Era para una página web sobre los 8 bits muy popular pero ya extinta. Os ruego que me disculpéis por no haberla traducido y espero que sea de vuestro interés. Leedla porque es muy curiosa y no tiene pérdida.

– How did you start to program and which was your first game?

I learned at school programming Basic on the Sinclair ZX81.
Luckily there were people around to ask questions! The first
games I did were all the "you are a black blob avoiding other
black blobs" games.

– How do you remember those early years with Spectrum and what do you think
now about your games? (great games…)

I remember the Spectrum as a way for us to make creative new games very fast.
The machine was small and simple, this meant that it did not take 3 years to
make a game. It often just took 3 months! 🙂 That kept it very fast and

Now my old games seem very simple and somewhat boring! Yet it amazes me that
we would get a 30 level game into the same space that a logo from the web
fits into these days.

– You give in your games great importance to playability, design and tech.
How was to work with a character like Wally, with such a complex script and
developed story?

Wally was all about puzzles. The first game written by Chris Hinsley
(Automania) was the action Wally game, but the later ones like 3 Weeks in
Paradise were all about adventure puzzles.

– Do you think that Spectrum programmers gave us all that the computer was
able to give?

The last game I did was called Extreme. I felt I had sucked every ounce of
power out of the machine in that game. I used just about every trick in the
book. The game kinda sucked, but the programming was the fun part.


– Do you use emulators? Sure you have some favorite games…

I only use emulators for games I cannot buy. (Like the old
Moon Cresta / Phoenix / Scramble arcade machines etc…)

– Do you keep contact with any Speccy programmer? (Nick not valid)

Sure, but we have all moved on to new things.

– I’d like to mention Nick Bruty. Do you know how does he remember those
Speccy days?

He loved those days. He was one of the best in the world.

– Spectrum years were the origins of almost all kind of actual games. Is all
invented? Is there concept crisis in videogames world?

No, there are lots of new things still to be done. The problem is that many
companies are afraid to take the risk.

– You always have requested honesty and proffesionalism to programmers in
order to really make a good use of technical capabilities of game platforms
(computer or console). Is that a lesson you learnt of Spectrum?

The Spectrum allowed an evolution of lots of new methods of doing things. I
don’t program our games these days, but I can see many situations where the team
is having to learn lessons I have learned back on Spectrum.


– The way of making games is now so different…Do you miss the posibility
of controlling yourself every part of the game, as before?

Yes! 🙂

– Please tell us something about Shiny projects beyond Messiah. We all wait
for MDK 2 ,but our notices are you are not so involved in the creation of

At Shiny we are focused on Messiah and our next game Sacrifice. We just shipped
Stunt Copter. (www.stuntcopter.com) We are just too busy to do everything,
that’s why we are not responsible for EWJ 3D or MDK 2.

– Arcade is over, Platform games are over,… when will ·3D-mania be over?

3D is it!

– Any unreleased Speccy game you wanted to finish and never did?

I would have liked to do a driving game (like the old Stunt Car
Racer on Amiga), but never did.

You are , with Jon Ritman, my Spec-idol, I give you thanks for your
patient and for all those incredible games. Why is not Savage in your web?

I need someone to help find my old games and get them going on the website.

I am also waiting for a better Java emulator with sound.



Thanks again.