Listado de cambios para Super Street Fighter IV arcade edition

El último número de Arcadia magazine ha mostrado los cambios para todos los personajes de SSFIV que tendrá el juego. Actualmente veniamos viendo los cambios a razón de cuatro personajes a la semana en la página del desarrollador por lo que está actualización viene muy bien de cara a completar el roster en poco tiempo. El listado es el siguiente:

? After Oil Slide you can do Kick follow up to get more oil instead of damage. After the oil is applied you still have some time for wake up games.
? Oil Shower does not get “overwritten”, but gets overlapped. The longest time you can have oil is for 30 seconds.
? Stand Jab -> Crouch Jab or Stand Short Kick -> Jab Oil Slide works as a combo.
? Anti-air is Standing Fierce and Forward+Light Punch.

? Ultra 2 can be jumped after the blackout
? Jumping MP has been weakened via hitbox modification.
? Jab headbutt has lower body invincibility
? Headbutt does max damage on start up, so you’ll do minimum damage if you launch yourself from full screen.

M. Bison
? Ultra 2 combo command has been changed, but damage upped to 450.
? Super combo has projectile invincibility.
? Heavy kick does 110 damage up close, 80 at the tip.

? Ultra 2 hitbox has been increased. You can now do Stand Fierce -> Teleport -> Ultra 2 on crouching opponents.
? Invincibility frames on MP Shoryuken has been increased.
? Air Hurricane Kick trajectory has been changed.

? EX Green Hand is +1 on hit, and does not knock down.
? You can move Ultra 2 around now.
? Jab SPD range and damage has been increased.

? EX Ducking has been added, all moves that come out of EX Ducking are very fast.
? Crouching MK can be linked.
? Foward+MK comes out faster.
? EX Short Swing blow reels back less.


  • Charge time on air slasher reduced.
  • short Jack Knife Maximum has strike invencibility on startup (and juggles into Roundhouse JKM on AA)
  • Slide length increased (
  • Dash properties changed (input priority… to ease his dash buffering, which was horrible, hence how hard it was to do U2 after a dash)
  • Something about his changed, but I have yet to understand what. I believe it’s 5 startup instead of 6 now, but they mention how you can followup with it after a weak move (probably jab) which doesn’t make any sense because you could already do that before (cr.jab is +6, and was active on 6th… 1 frame link, already possible)
  • Double Rolling Sobat’s frame advantage increased to allow for followups after FADC.


  • Stamina: 800, stun: 900
  • J.HP doesn’t "zoom in" anymore (lol, gotta love Japanese people)
  • Hyakuretsu damage increased (lame :D, it was fine as it was!)
  • Tanden Stream: can get hit by projectiles after starting (odd translation, since I have no clue what Tanden Stream is…)
  • Tanden Storm: pursuit property (will always hit properly as anti-air with fulls hits, basically), and is invencible to strikes on startup.


  • Decreased recovery on close MP
  • is cancelable (either that, or they mean you can link it after close mp… either way, meh)
  • Improved hitboxes on far mk (neato)
  • Improved backdash (like most chars… ground frame gap removed prolly)
  • Hadouken’s charge time reduced (I like this one a lot… Ky okizeme shenanigans)


  • Reverse Sobat (close f or b+HK) now completely avoids crouching moves (comment on how it rapes ground game with a little "bow before this buff" smiley) think cr.techs being hit on counterhit (ouch), and linked into (easier link) xx sonic boom, backfist. Yeah. Nasty. (to be honest I have no idea if it "was" invencible, or if it IS invencible now… take it with a grain of salt.
  • Sonic Hurricane damage nerf
  • Air throw 4f startup up from 3f.

Dhalsim:[LIST][*]Normals damage revisioned (some must have been nerfed, other buffed, some left untouched)[*]Backdash buff (same as always, I suppose)[*]Something about his cr.strong having a stronger pushback (retarded if true), and being able to do it twice in a row (safely, I suppose). Iffy.


  • J.MK is cancellable into EX Condor Dive (I believe that’s what it says)
  • Back jump no longer has projectile invencible hitboxes (it used to??)
  • U2 hitbox and startup improved.


  • Uppercut does 120 damage now
  • Angry Scar changed to kick buttons
  • 2nd hit of does 30 damage ( does 10-30 instead of 30-10 now.)