Listado completo de cambios de Super Street Fighter IV AE

Mañana se encontrará descargable la última entrega de la franquicia sfiv (a finales de mes en formato fisico), por lo que considero importante tener una lista de cambios de cara a conocer exactamente como van a cambiar nuestros personajes y facilitar la transición de ssfiv al arcade edition. Están en ingles, si alguien necesita la traducción de algo concreto que lo comente y se traduce sin problemas, simplemente es que no dispongo de tiempo efectivo para traducir los cambios completos pero considero que sería un fallo no publicar la lista por no poder traducirla a tiempo.

Normal Moves

• Down-Back + Crouching Medium Punch has faster startup and less recovery time. Now this combo is possible, Down-Back + Crouching Medium Punch 2x into EX Yoga Flame.

Special Moves

• Faster startup time on the EX Yoga Flame, making it comboable from Medium Punch and Kick normal moves. Damage was reduced from 180 down to 120.


• Yoga Inferno (Super) damage was reduced to 300, down from 350.


• During back dash, airborne frame comes immediately after invincibility frames end.


• We looked through his damage again, and as a result he was nerfed a bit, but there are changes beneficial to Dhalsim in other parts of his game. He has a huge diversity between a good match-up and a terrible match-up, but he has strong potential in himself.

Normal Moves

• If you hit with Standing Hard Kick from the knee up it does 80, if you hit with it from the knee down, does 110 damage.

• Crouching Light Kick’s hittable box was made slightly larger, making it easier to counter.

Special Moves

• Light Scissor Kicks push back further when blocked, making it harder to punish him, but also making it more difficult to keep pressure on with Crouching Light Kick afterwards.


• Super is projectile invincible during its active frames.

Ultra 2

• Ultra 2 is now a charge command, damage was also increased to 450. Was previously 420.


• Comparatively, he is above standard in terms of a character’s strength, but he’s more dependent on players’ skills due to the adjustments.

Special Moves

• Medium Punch Shoryuken’s invincibility was lengthened, now he is completely invincible for the first 5 frames.

• Air Hurricane Kick’s jump arc was changed, so running away with it is impossible.

• EX Hurricane Kick damage and stun were reduced.

Ultra 2

• His Ultra 2, when Canceled during teleport only, has bigger hitbox downwards. Standing Hard Punch, Teleport into Ultra 2, is possible now.

Other stuff

• During back dash, airborne frame comes immediately after invincibility frames end.


• Considering balance, the runaway tactic with his Air Hurricane Kick was removed, but other things can be done as you currently can, so you will be able to apply your skill in SSF4 to SSF4 AE as well.

Normal Moves

• Close Standing Hard Kick’s recovery time reduced, and changed frame advantage to be +4 on hit.

• Far Standing Hard Kick’s hitstun and blockstun were increased, making it harder to punish.

• Neutral Jumping Hard Kick has slightly more active frames.

Special Moves

• EX Condor Dive can be used by itself now, by pressing all three Kick buttons. It’s different from the regular version, as you can do it while jumping backwards as well, and it’s invincible to projectiles until its active frames end.

• Light Punch Condor Spire’s hitbox was extended forward.

• Condor Spire’s meter gain upon activation was increased.


• Increased his Super’s grab range to be the same as his Light Punch Mexican Typhoon. Was previously 1.35 range and is now 1.5.

Ultra 2

• Ultra 2 has a faster startup time, and its invincibility window was lengthened and it remains active longer, making it very easy to use as an anti air attack.


• A solid buff was applied to Specials, Super and Ultra, and some tweaks were made to his normal moves. Basically, there are only buffs, so it’ll be easier to face casts that were bad match-ups in SSF4.

Normal Moves

• Many of Adon’s normals were buffed.

• Crouching Light Punch, Close Standing Medium Punch and Crouching Hard Punch all had changes made to their frame data.

• Close Standing Medium Punch, on hit, will have a frame advantage of +6, so it’s possible to Link specials moves to combo, although it’s still not Cancelable. This move was -1 on hit in SSF4.

• Far Standing Light Punch, Far Standing Medium Punch and Crouching Medium Punch were given bigger hitboxes.

Special Moves

• EX Jaguar Tooth will not do the yellow EX Flash until he gets to the wall and is invincible to projectiles until grounded.

• Medium Jaguar Kick’s hitbox was changed, so Close Standing Hard Punch into Medium Jaguar Kick will register as a combo.


• Super’s (Varied Assault) startup changed to 7 frames, down from 9 in SSF4, and the first hit’s hitbox is extended downward more.

Other Stuff

• Wakeup time was nerfed. Adon now takes longer to get up off the ground than he did in SSF4.


• His buffs are centered around using his normals, so he will be stronger while on ground.

Unique Attacks

• Deleted hittable box for his Reverse Spin Kick (Toward or Back + Hard Kick) from his knee and below during the first few frames after starting up and reduced its damage. With this adjustment, it’s possible to make attacks like Ryu’s Crouching Medium Kick whiff and hit them out.

• Spinning Back Knuckle’s (Toward + Hard Punch) damage reduced.

Special Moves

• Sonic Boom’s meter gain at startup is halved, and we adjusted his meter gaining rate through the match.

• Light Kick, Medium Kick and Hard Kick Flash Kicks damage reduced.

Ultra 2

• Sonic Hurricane’s damage has been reduced, and the startup time is a bit slower.


• Damage nerf is applied to Special Moves and his Ultra 2, so we can say his damage is reduced throughout.

• He will require more attacks to finish off opponents.

• There are almost no changes to his frame data, so in Arcade Edition he can do everything that he can already do.

Normal Moves

• His Toward Jumping Hard Punch’s number of active frames is doubled, so it’s easier to hit with now.

• Far Standing Medium Kick’s active frames were lengthened a little, and his hittable box when he extends his leg horizontally was reduced, so it will function better as a poking tool.

• Close Standing Medium Punch’s startup is faster and the total duration of the move is reduced as a result, plus frame advantage on hit was increased, so it got significantly buffed.

• Crouching Hard Punch’s start up is slightly faster.

• Crouching Medium Kick has slightly more active frames.

• Neutral Jumping and Jumping Away Hard Punch (Stretchy Arms) now is his Jump Toward Hard Punch animation. The jumping stretchy arms attack has been removed.

Unique Attacks

• His Dive Kick’s hitstun and blockstun were decreased, so it’s slightly harder to use the move as an offense tool.

• All three Head Stomp moves had their active frames reduced, and the timing to hit all three of them was changed.

Special Moves

• Sonic Boom’s recovery was reduced by 1 frame, and EX Sonic Boom’s recovery is reduced by 3 frames. Now regular attacks into his regular or EX Sonic Boom, Focus Attack Dash Cancel and a follow up combo are pretty powerful.

• His Spin Kicks (Hyakuretsukyaku) deal more damage and less stun.

Super Move

• Super’s invincibility window was lengthened, and "the pursuit priority is increased." [Translator’s note: It’s assumed this means it will connect more hits against airborne opponents instead of the attack not fully connecting when someone jumps into it.]


• Ultra 2’s recovery was shortened.

• Full invincibility was changed to 12 frames, and after that Seth is only invincible to projectiles until the end of active frames. In SSF4, according to the frame data, Seth was invincible for the first 88 frames of animation, so this is a significant reduction.

• Ultra 1 deals more damage, but has a longer recovery time.

Other Stuff

• Stamina increased to 800, stun increased to 900. In SSF4 it was 750 for both his stamina and stun ranking.


• The changes on SSF4 Arcade Edition happened only where they affect the way he is played.

• He looks weakened in the first glance, but he also got strengthened in various points, so please research his playstyle in SSF4 Arcade Edition.

Normal Moves

• Far Standing Light Punch’s hittable box around his arm was removed, so it’s more difficult to beat this attack.

• Crouching Medium Punch’s priority was strengthened, and it deals more damage.

• Close Standing Medium Punch’s active frames were increased by 1, making it a total of 5 active frames, so it’s easier to use as a close anti air.

• Far Standing Medium Kick was changed to be a 2-hit normal, and it got adjusted in damage distribution, in startup, and in the total duration. Now, the 1st hit is Cancelable, so combos such as Crouching Light Punch, into Far Standing Medium Kick, into Special Moves and also Close Standing Medium Kick into Far Standing Medium Kick into Special Moves combos are possible.

• Close Standing Hard Kick is now a techable knockdown against air opponents. You can now do juggle combos after the second hit.

• Far Standing Hard Kick’s startup is 1 frame faster, and the active frames for it was increased by 1.

• Crouching Hard Kick’s distance was shortened, but has more active frames, and it will recover faster after the active frames end.

• Toward Jumping Medium Kick’s pushback on hit is adjusted, so combos after crossing up with it are easier.

Special Moves

• Air Slasher’s (Fireball) recovery got shortened, and the hitstun/blockstun got reduced as well. There are no changes to EX Air Slasher. Opponent’s attack will now be registered as a counter hit if you get hit out while doing this, so if the opponent jumps in on you, you will be in a world of hurt.

• Light Dread Kicks’ (Double Rolling Sobat) startup was changed to 12 frames, and his lower body invincibility was lengthened as well. It’s comboable from Light attacks now. It’s throw invincibility and airborne state were removed.

• Medium, Hard and EX Dread Kicks (Double Rolling Sobat) 1st hit deals longer hitstun, so landing the first 1st hit, Focus Attack Dash Canceling, and following up with a combo may be great.

• Machinegun Upper’s damage was increased.

• Light Jacknife Maximum (Up Kicks) damage was increased, and is completely invincible until active frames end.

• Hard Kick and EX Jacknife Maximum are now less likely to whiff attacks on hit.

Ultra 2

• Ultra 2’s has less recovery after the cinematic.

Other Stuff

• Dee Jay’s forward dash has more frames where you can input a Super or Ultra command. As a result, his forward dash into Ultra 2 is easier than it was before.

Normal Moves

• Standing Hard Punch’s hittable box around his arm got smaller, so it’s easier to use as an anti air attack or a poke.

• When Oiled, normal moves buffered after a forward dash now have sliding property.

Unique Attacks

• Step Low (Toward + Light Kick) is now Cancelable, has a faster startup, can link from Close Standing Medium Punch and other attacks.

Special Moves

• For Oil Shower, the duration of the oil will be stacked now. The maximum duration is 30 seconds. Also, the Medium, Hard and EX versions of the Oil Shower have 5 frames less recovery time, and the EX version can be Canceled into Guard Position (Coward Crouch).

• Oil Shower is one of Hakan’s follow ups after an Oil Slide. The effect is the same as Light Kick Oil Shower, and he will be in advantage nevertheless.

• Light Punch Oil Slide has a faster startup, and can be connected from Crouching Light Punch or Step Low (Toward + Light Kick).

• Oil Dive, including the EX version, while holding button, can be canceled into Guard Position (Coward Crouch), you can now use it as a feint and to build meter.

Other Stuff

• Oil Rocket and Oil Dive’s input property is adjusted, so the feeling will be same with that of Zangief’s Spinning Piledriver.

Normal Moves

• We increased his range on Far Standing Hard Punch.

Special Moves

• We buffed his damage on Light Punch and Hard Punch Spinning Piledrivers, and increased range on Light Punch Spinning Piledriver.

• EX Banishing Flat, when it hits a grounded opponent, will no longer knock down.

• As a result, it is impossible to go onto wake-up offense after EX banishing flat, but it’s within Light Punch Spinning Piledriver’s range so please utilize it wisely.

• There are no changes to either Lariat.

Ultra 2

It is possible to alter Siberian Blizzard’s traveling distance by putting in a forward/backward input between Ultra freeze and start-up.

For forward direction, it can travel much further than before, so it’s easier to grab backdashing opponents.

While the ground recovery on whiff has increased, we see it as a buff considering its possibility on controlling the distance.


The major changes are the EX Banishing Flat (Green Glove) and Light Punch Spinning Piledriver range. It became necessary, not just for Zangief players, but for the opponents as well to alter their spacing, so please research thoroughly in SSF4 Arcade Edition.

Normal Moves

• The total damage is increased on Standing Light Kick when both hits get connected.

• As before, only 1st hit is Special Cancelable.

Special Moves

• Tiger Uppercut’s damage is increased when connected at the 1st or 2nd active frames.

• There has been many complaints about Angry Scar that it comes out when unintended, so we changed its command to Kick buttons instead.


As there were huge changes in transition from vanilla Street Fighter 4 to SSF4, there are no changes in Arcade Edition to anything besides damage and command adjustments.

Being appropriate for his name as the King, he retains the potential to be a top class in SSF4 Arcade Edition.

Normal Moves

• Close Standing Light Punch’s startup is changed to 3 frames. This was 4 frames in SSFIV.

• Crouching Medium Punch’s startup was changed to 5 frames, was 7 frames in SSFIV.

• Close Standing Light Kick, Close Standing Medium Punch, Close Standing Hard Kick, Far Standing Light Punch, Crouching Light Punch, and Crouching Medium Kick’s recovery time was reduced, so there are new combos available.

• For example, Far Standing Light Punch into Crouching Medium Kick will combo along with Crouching Medium Punch 2x.

• Neutral Jumping Hard Punch has pursuit property, and will slam opponents down to the ground when hit.

Special Moves

• Medium and Hard Dan Kicks damage distribution got adjusted.

• Hard Dan Kick’s total damage was decreased.

• Koryuken (Dragon Punch) will give air reset on trade, this is likely on Dan, not the opponent.

Ultra 2

• Haoh Gadoken’s invincibility was decreased to 8 frames after Ultra freeze. As a result, if it can be stuffed, and projectile will not come out when that happens.


Normals are enormously buffed, so it became interesting in a close range brawl. This character is for pros, but this could be the one step forward for Saikyo!

Normal Moves

• Crouching Medium Kick’s active frame window was increased to 5 frames, was 3 frames in SSFIV.

• Standing Hard Kick’s recovery time was reduced. While it hasn’t changed on hit, the frame advantage is 0 on block, so the risk is reduced and therefore it’s easier to utilize. Previously, this was -3 on block.

• Jumping Hard Kick will slam down opponents to the ground if they’re hit in airborne state, so it’s better as an anti air option.

Unique Attacks

• We changed Toward + Medium Punch’s startup to 7 frames, and increased hitbox as well, so it is possible to hit some characters out of their low attacks. The startup on this was 9 frames in SSFIV.

• Toward + Hard Kick’s hitbox was buffed, so it is possible to connect from further away than now.

Special Moves

• A new special, EX Duck, is added in, it’s different from regular versions. EX Duck has upper body invincibility during movement, and canceling into follow-ups is possible from the 3rd frame.

• Light Punch or Light Kick into EX Duck into Ducking Straight/Upper is possible now.


• Jet Upper Focus Attack Dash Cancel on block has frame advantage of -2.

• Also, we fixed cases where a throw wouldn’t connect on some dizzied opponents.


We made situations on where he had difficulty to be less severe, and made the changes for Dudley to have more variety of chances.

We think the brand new EX Duck will become an important tool with new combo possibilities, so you can look forward to him.

Unique Attacks

• Rock Crusher (Toward + Medium Punch) has less recovery. Rock Crusher, into Far Standing Light Punch into Beast Roll is possible now.

• Beast Slide (Down-Toward + Hard Punch) has less active frames, as a result the whole animation time is shorter. Also, his hittable box during the recovery of this move has been increased.

• His Forward Hop (Toward + 3x Kick) has more grounded frames of animation during start up, making him easier to grab out of it.

Special Moves

• The hittable box of his Beast Roll has been widened in size while rolling around, and the distance traveled after having it blocked has been altered. Distance on recovery from a blocked Beast Roll for the Light Punch and EX versions is the same in SSFIV as it is in Arcade Edition. Medium Punch punch and Hard Punch distances were reduced, with Medium Punch taking Blanka away a longer distance than Hard Punch. So it is necessary to plan which one to use at which distance more so than it is now.

• EX Backstep Rolling’s (Rainbow Ball) forward distance has been reduced a little, so it’s harder to escape from the corner. It is still possible to move forward and back based on joystick movement, though.

• EX Electricity has much faster start up now, so it’s easier to use.

• 2nd hit of Abel’s Crouching Hard Punch has a smaller hitbox, both upward and downward.

• Tornado Throw damage reduced.

• Roll lost some of its hit invincibility at the end of it, making it easier to punish. There was no change to the recovery frames.

• Ultra 1 had a 10% damage reduction. Ultra 1’s new damage would range from 309-450. In SSF4 it was 343-500.

• Ultra 2 10% damage reduction, slower startup, super armor gets removed when Abel starts to run forward and there’s a longer recovery time when you cancel out of it. New damage totals for Ultra 2 should range from 295-440. In SSF4 these were 328-480.

Mantis Style

• Two Target Combos have been added in. 1st: Crouching Light Kick into Crouching Medium Kick. 2nd: First hit of Standing Hard Punch into Standing Medium Kick.

• Both Medium Kicks can be Canceled now, so go for more damage by Canceling into his Specials.

• Standing Light Punch’s hittable box from his elbow and onward has been deleted, so it’s harder to get hit out of now.

• Crouching Medium Punch’s start up is faster, so it’s possible to Link from Standing Light Punch and Crouching Light Punch.

• Crouching Medium Punch can now be Canceled, providing good setups into his Hands special on hit or block.

• Standing Hard Kick’s range slightly increased. There is no hittable box from his ankle, so it might be useful as a footsie tool.

• Ultra 2 downward hitbox improved, so it has less chance to whiff.

Other Stuff

• Traveling speed for Crane Style’s Ultra 2 is faster, making it easier to connect with now.

• During backdash, he’s airborne right after invincibility wears out.

• Gen received no nerfs.

Normal Moves

• Crouching Light Kick has more range.

• Standing Light Kick is Kara Cancelable during its start up animation. The Kara Karakusa is possible again.

• Crouching Hard Kick hit box extended out in front of Makoto, and the hittable box has been lowered slightly, making it easier to use as an anti air.

• Crouching Hard Punch has slightly more active frames.

• Toward + Light Punch has a 3 frame startup (formerly 4 frames).

Special Moves

• EX Hayate (Dash Punch) now breaks armor and has a slightly faster start up.

• Opponent can no longer do a quick get up after Makoto connects with a Hard Punch or EX Oroshi (Overhead Chop). It’s more useful now in resets and wake up situations.

• Fukiage (Upwards Punch) when Makoto’s arm is fully extended, the hittable box from her chest up has been almost completely removed. Downward attack box has been extended as well, so there are now almost no situations where it trades or is stuffed. It still can’t hit grounded opponents, though. The start up for all versions has been improved so it’s more useful than it is now.

• EX Tsurugi (Axe Kick) is now like Cammy’s EX Cannon Strike, in that it can be done very low to the ground, i.e. an Instant Axe Kick. It takes practice, but since it is a 2-hit special that makes grabs whiff and hits as an overhead, it’ll be more interesting to use in offensive/defensive situations.

• Ultra 1 damage distribution has been changed. It still does the same total damage, but you will see the difference during combo damage and damage scaling based on life left. Apparently, this should result in it doing more damage.

• Ultra 2 has a faster startup time making it easier to counter Fireballs with.

Other Stuff

• Makoto’s stamina is now 1,000, which is the average stamina rating in the game.

• Forward and back dash are faster, total animation frames were decreased.

• Now a combo such as a Level 1 Hard Punch Hayate (Dash Punch), Focus Attacl Dash Cancel, Crouching Light Kick (and other stuff) into Light Punch Hayate is possible, because of the changes to her Dash speed. Mixing this in with her Grab and Choke (Karakusa) makes this a powerful grab or hit tool.

Special Moves
• Light Punch Headbutt now has lower body invincibility instead of upper body invincibility, so it will be harder to utilize it as anti air.

• Ultra 1 has projectile invincibility until the last active frame.
• Ultra 2’s command has been changed to two half-circle backs from a 720 motion. It’s easier to get it out now. Also, while its range increased, it starts up in 2f so it’s possible to dodge it after screen freeze.

Other stuff
• During backdash, Honda is now considered airborne right after invincibility ends.

• He had solid skills that builds high damage, so he had overall damage decrease. His basis of strength has not changed, so he can fight as he does now.

Normal Moves
• All of Gouken’s normal moves have been improved.
• Close Standing Hard Punch and Close Standing Hard Kick have more frame advantage.
• Close Standing Medium Kick has 3 frame start up start-up, so it’ll be easier to compete against some of the other fighters.
• Neutral Jump Hard Punch and diagonal Jump Hard Kick have pursuit properties, and will slam opponents into the ground.
• Ranges on his normal moves haven’t changed.
• Back grab has been changed to deal gray damage, so the combo damage from the grab has been decreased. (Translator’s note: They’re probably saying that the back grab deals 0 gray damage, so it’ll get scaled as a combo as well.)

Special Moves
• In specials, Light Punch Running Palm (Senkugoshoha) has been drastically changed, so it will connect from weak attacks (Light Punch/Light Kick), and EX Hurricane Kick locks opponent, making it easier to combo.
• Recovery of the Demon Flip Focus has been significantly decreased, making it easier to utilize.
• Kongo (Counter) is changed as well. To be precise, it can only be activated now by using Punch buttons and the strength of the Punch changes where it sets up a counter hit at. Light for low attacks, Medium for middle attacks, and Hard for upper body attacks.

Other Stuff
• During backdash, Gouken is now considered airborne right after invincibility ends.

• His normal and special moves have been changed, and he will be able to do new things while retaining old tactics.
• As a result, his ‘easiness’ might have been changed, but you will be able to enjoy strategies different from Ryu and Akuma.

Super Move
• Her Super will no longer work when there is a Soul Spark in the screen. It is still possible to Cancel into Super from a Soul Spark, though.

Ultra 2
• Soul Satellite (Ultra 2) has been changed. For the sake of balance, its invincibility has been decreased (or erased).

Normals, her projectile, anti air and her basic tactics will stay, so basically, Soul Satellite is the only one that has really been changed.

Normal Moves
• There have been changes to her normal moves.
• Standing Light Kick has a 4 frame start-up, so it’ll be easier to utilize as a weak attack.
• Standing Medium Kick got changed to have a 5 frame start-up so it’s possible to use it as the starting point of combos.

Special Moves
• Kunai’s (Dagger Toss) damage was decreased.
• Neck Breaker had damage and stun nerf.
• Jump back Kunai’s trajectory has been changed to nearly straight vertical-wise.

Other Stuff
• A Crouching Hard Kick into Standing Hard Kick Target Combo was added.
• It works in the same way as the later part of her Target Combo 6, but it added in more strategies.
• Her Jump Flip (Tsuijigoe) would register as a counter hit when she was hit out of it, so this was fixed.

Some of the normal moves have been buffed, and some special moves nerfed, but her potential will be the same as she is now.
She will still be the same character when she is in control of the game, so it’ll be fun to utilize her!

• Stun damage reduced on Crouching Hard Kick. Damage reduced on Standing Medium Punch. Both moves have the same hit properties.

• Her Focus Attack is now easier for opponents to hit. Assumption on what this means: Chun-Li would step back when she started her Focus Attack animation, some moves would miss her because of this. It sounds like this will no longer be the case in Arcade Edition.

• Down-Toward + Light Kick comes out slower, more vulnerability. Can still combo after it if it hits an airborne opponent.

• No changes to her Special Moves.

• Far Light Punch and Crouching Light Punch now have a 4 frame start up (these moves had a 5 frame start up in SSFIV), but also have additional active frames, making them easier to connect.

• Crouching Light Punch can now be Chain Canceled.

• More recovery on Quacamole Slew (Air Grab) on landing, which includes the EX version, making this easier to punish.

• Tortilla Propeller (Run away, press Hard Punch) lost invincibility, can be countered more easily.

• More startup frames on El Fuerte’s Ultra 2 and the damage was also reduced. The size of the hitbox changes with movement (?), making it harder to hit overall.

• Close Medium Punch has less recovery.

• Crouching Medium Punch and Kick can combo from a hit confirm.

• Far Standing Medium Punch can be Canceled, just like Ryu.

• Vulnerable hitbox on far Standing Medium Kick reduced, making it harder to hit her out of it.

• Air Arcing Hurricane Kick can get more airborne hits.

• Recovery time on her Fireball reduced.

• Other various adjustments on making hitboxes bigger, damage, and recovery done to make her stronger.

• Crouching Light Kick now has a 3 frame start up, it was 4 frames in SSFIV. Frame advantage on hit is still the same. Should be a better low poke, with reach, now.

• Toward + Hard Kick has more ability to juggle after connecting it. Until now, on a grounded opponent, the first hits of EX Criminal Upper didn’t connect, but now they will.

• The range at which Cody can pick up the knife has been increased.

• Far Standing Medium Punch is now Special Cancelable.

• Close Standing Medium Kick damage increased. This took off 70 life in SSF4.

• Close Standing Hard Kick has more frame advantage on hit and block. You can Link into a Shoryuken now with it.

• Decreased Crouching Medium Kick’s active frames.

• Towards + Hard Punch (Dash Punch) damage decreased. This took off 120 life in SSF4.

• Jump arc nerfed on his Air Hurricane Kick. It’s more difficult to run away with this, but crossups with it will be more ambiguous.

• EX Air Hurricane Kick will no longer miss last few hits.

• Damage for Close Standing Medium Punch was decreased slightly. It now forces opponent to stand on hit, and is Special Cancelable. This move took off 80 life in SSF4.

• Far Standing Light Punch will now miss crouching opponents.

• Damage on Headbutt was decreased and it now has more recovery frames of animation, but recovery time is the same if it hits. Balrog’s Headbutt took off 100/120/140/150 for the Light, Medium, Hard and EX versions in SSF4.

• Ultra 2 (Dirty Bull) motion changed from a 720 to two half-circle backs + 3x Punch.

• Ultra 2’s hitbox size increased.

• Close and Far Standing Light Punch recovery time decreased.

• Close Standing Medium and Hard Punch recovery time decreased.

• Crouching Light and Medium Punch and recovery time decreased.

• These changes give Cammy more frame advantage with her Normals.

• Cannon Spike flies less distance away after connecting, making it easier to punish, this is on block and hit.

• Regular version of Cammy’s Cannon Strike (Dive Kick) cannot be done as low to the ground as before. The EX version was unaffected.

• Crouching Light Kick damage decreased. Has a 3 frame startup now, it was 4 before and took off 30 damage.

• Far Standing Medium Kick has faster startup time and less recovery.

• Far Standing Medium Punch hitbox improved.

• Towards + Medium Punch (Overhead) is two hits now and no longer leaves you at a frame disadvantage on hit.

• EX Run timing for followups is the same as the regular version now.

• EX Run Stop follow up has Super Armor.

• EX Run Slide follow up has projectile invincibility.

• Super does more damage, and fixed some problems with it not connecting after a combo.

Normal Moves
• Less recovery time on Crouching Medium Punch. He can now combo Crouching Medium Punch into Crouching Medium Kick.
• Improved the hit box for Crouching Light Punch.
• Target Combo hit box (Medium Punch into Hard Punch) also had its hitbox improved.

Special Moves
• Light Punch Shoryuken has 2 extra frames of recovery, but now does 120 damage. It did 100 damage in SSF4.
• EX Fireball can juggle twice in the air, so now you can get full juggle off a Light Punch Shoryuken into EX Fireball.
• EX Air Hurricane Kick can now be blocked high or low. Used to be that it had to be blocked high.

• Is considered to be mid-air right after the invincibility frames of his backdash end.

Normal Moves
• Crouching Medium Kick start up is now 6 frames, which is 2 frames faster.
• Crouching Medium Punch and Crouching Medium Kick do less damage.

Unique Attacks
• More recovery time for Cosmic Heel (Down-Toward + Hard Kick, Launcher) on block.

Special Moves
• Less recovery time on EX Rolling Crystal Flash.
• You can now combo Crouching Medium Punch from an EX Rolling Crystal Flash.

• His Ultra 2 has slightly more startup time.

• Is considered to be mid-air right after the invincibility frames of his backdash end.

Special Moves
• EX Messiah does less damage. It took off 100 damage in SSF4.

• When Ultra 2 (Big Bang Typhoon) is used as an anti-air, it won’t fully connect, so it does less damage in these scenarios now.

Is considered to be mid-air right after the invincibility frames of his backdash end.

Normal Moves
• Close and Far Standing Light Punch have an extra frame of advantage, making it +6 now.
• Close Standing Medium Kick has a 4 frame startup.
• Additional frame advantage on many moves.

• Less recovery on EX Rekka on hit and on guard.
• No invincibility on his Hard Flying Kick (Chicken Wing).

• Is considered to be mid-air right after the invincibility frames of his backdash end.
• Crouching Medium Kick still cannot be Canceled, earlier reports said this might happen.

Special Moves
• Her Fireball Kick (projectile) knocks the opponent higher up into the air. Now you can combo it into a Pinwheel Kick, for example.
• Less stun and damage on the kick part of the Fireball Kick.

• No changes to Ultra 1, but because of the changes to the kick part of the Fireball Kick, it’s easier to score knockdowns.

• Faster foot speed, while walking towards and backwards.
• EX Focus Attack hitbox improved (this could be incorrect, translation was a little fuzzy).