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Arcturus – Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer – Temazo Inside

Saludos Metaleros. El Metal Sinfónico más experimental llega a Grandes del Metal a manos de Arcturus con Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer. Un temazo increíble que no puedo dejar de escuchar, de su disco Sideshow Symphonies. Un sonido épico y celestial que he descubierto gracias a las sugerencias de elmorgul.

A los seguidores de Grandes del Metal os sonará la voz del cantante, es Vortex. Actualmente segundo cantante de Dimmu Borgir.

Me despido con la sugerencia de escuchar la versión de estudio. La cantante femenina que incluye es simplemente alucinante. Estad preparados: Burzum y The Covenant preparan su desembarco en Grandes del Metal . Qué disfrutéis de Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer Twisted Evil

Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer:

Mechanical shutdown due to reactorcore meltdown
And outdated parts collapsed and discharged
Autopilot on emergency power from
Random fuel devoured
Red alert sirens sighing
Rusty pipelines dying
Empty hull shatter into cold dark matter
Unknownspacepioneer the end draws near
What once was acrobatically flying
Is now burnt out and dying
Now that I am shipwrecked
A piece of shit falling
Through space and time
Moaning oh why oh why did not I
Just stop in time
Knowing the answer I am dirty as a cancer
Once a virus like me is set free
Old grim flashes his grin
And violently introduces
A shortcut for loosers
Drop all illusions as I pop the next fuse in confusion
Transvesting the mind evolving past mankind
Unknownspaceadorer toxicwasteexplorer
Lost in free will time stand still
Full front on
Drifting here in the outer rim
As a piece of spacejunk
No valuables within
A scraphead of sin
Too much acid in these batteries
Leaking out its filthy grease
Disband all current settings to standard default
Fall and arise you diamond of lies
You know what is wise
Fire or ice
That’s when I find
A pitstopmaintenance hall for the mind
Satanic protectors of my kind
I shop some new parts
Re plugged and charged
I head towards the stars
Knowing that this trip
Will be my last slip

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